Tim's presentation style provides a unique approach that incorporates motivation, character building, and inspiration played out through on-court/on-field exercises and full team experiences that force teams to work together, to lean on each other, and to embody the traits discussed. 
Through the experience, Tim is a constant motivator, asking probing questions, encouraging each athlete to be a leader, and helping them to step up in a way they have never thought about or been challenged to do previously. Athletes leave the experience feeling motivated, empowered, and ready.
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The goal is to help athletes to strive to reach educational excellence through sports. 
“You have to earn your right to leadership everyday”  
Each presentation is tailored to the audience and goes beyond providing motivation. In this experience, Tim focuses on providing youth with a game plan for success, along with the motivation to reach the plan. 
Speaking Topics
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Competing
  • Dedication
  • Faith
  • Hard Work
  • Investment
  • Leadership
  • Sacrifice
  • Team Development
  • Custom Topic


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Patrick Henry High School

“Tim Williams harnessed the power of words that were energetic and purposeful. He inspired an emotionally drained team with a unique, but rare approach. Most of the student-athletes were rejuvenated after his presentation, in which they appreciated his time.  With his experience personally and professionally, he understands that being motivated on and off the court is crucial for a student-athlete’s performance. His approach is different and unique from other speakers, but it helps the student-athlete see the next big challenge in their path of growth.”

~ Kenneth Maxey, Athletic Director

Lake Region State College

"Tim is a unique individual that brings real life experiences to his talks with students. His ability to connect instantly with the audience and get them to fully focus on what he is saying is one of his greatest attributes as a speaker. When he speaks, they listen. His words resonate deeply with the students and they are totally locked in to what he is saying. Tim is one of the most genuine, real people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He made an impact on my student athletes and I highly recommend him for yours."  

Jarred Marshall, Head Coach

Richfield High School

"You have to be willing to sacrifice in order to succeed..." is the message that Tim Williams emphatically preached to my players. " What are you willing to give and give up to be successful?" Williams' message was definitely right on and what the guys needed to hear. I would like to thank Tim Williams for taking the time out to come and speak to my crew about life, school, basketball and having the passion and hungry to succeed at all 3.​

~ Omar McMillan, Head Coach 

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Brooklyn Center High School

“Tim provides great team building and leadership concepts that are bolstered by his extensive experiences at all levels of the game”


~ Matthew McCollister, Head Coach


Tim Williams has a passion for sports. Tim grew up in a house with a mom and two sisters. As the first person in his family to go to college, he looked at basketball as his family's future. Playing a college sport was hard, and college was even harder. Now, years later, as a husband, father of three and business owner, Tim uses his own story to provide an example and motivation for youth athletes around the country. Tim says, "Focus on yourself: the only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition. Focus on being so good that there isn't competition!"