Basketball Showcases

Since 2012, T.WILL Sports has been creating opportunities for Midwestern basketball players to exhibit their skills and compete on large stages, with large audiences. 
In January 2020 T.WILL Sports will host our annual series of High School Basketball Showcase events in the Minneapolis metro area. Beginning in 2020 we are excited to enter into an exclusive partnership with BallerTV to livestream all of our Basketball Showcase events.
January 9, 2021 - T.WILL Basketball Showcase 2019 
January 16, 2021 - Bragging Rights Classic 
January 18, 2021 - Dream Classic VII
2020 Basketball Showcase Dates
T.WILL Sports_Twill.Showcase

T.WILL Sports Basketball Showcase 

Location: Henry High School

This event is all about the best vs the best, we push to make the most compelling match ups as we create and intense basketball environment. This is a community event and with an assist from Henry High School athletics staff, Minneapolis Patrick Henry serves as the host site creating a day of basketball everyone can look forward to and remember. 

Bragging Rights Classic

Location: Prairie Seeds Academy

Our newest offering within T.WILL Sports' Showcase series. This is college bowl games turned into a high school basketball showcase! All 7 games have a sponsor and all 7 game have a trophy the teams will play for. It's about Bragging Rights and hardware! Can’t Wait! 

Dream Classic 

Location: Roosevelt High School

The Dream Classic is our oldest event, we are excited for the 6th annual Dream Classic coming in January, on Martin Luther King Jr. day. T.WILL Sports makes this event happen with the partnership of Minneapolis Public Schools and the Office of Black Male Student Achievement. 12 Varsity boys' and girls' teams, along with 4 youth teams will set the table for the “Dream VI” Showcase.

T.WILL Sports_Ballertv.logo

Partnership: BallerTV

T.WILL Sports has an exclusive partnership with BallerTV to livestream all of our Showcase events beginning in 2020. This partnership brings great value and adds to our Showcase series. BallerTV is the premiere basketball streaming company.