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2019 MN POY "Super 6"

2019 MN POY Finalists

T.WILL Sports selected 6 Player of the Year finalists in 2019 based on their basketball excellence, personal character and demonstrated leadership on and off the court. Congratulations to each of the 6 young men, listed below, for their hard work and dedication. Each POY finalist has received a Super 6 finalist trophy. 

Courtney Brown 

East Ridge High School

Senior, Forward

Dain Dainja

Park Center High School

Junior, Forward

David Roddy

Breck High School

Senior, Forward


Matthew Hurt 

Rochester John Marshall High School

Senior, Forward

Jalen Suggs 

Minnehaha Academy High School

Junior, Point Guard 

Tyrell Terry - De La Salle

Senior, Pint Guard


2019 MN POY "Super 6"​ Finalists from left to right

Courtney Brown, Tyrell Terry, Tim Williams (T.WILL Sports), Dain Dainja, Jalen Suggs, David Roddy, Matthew Hurt (not pictured)

2019 Minnesota Player of the Year

Jalen Suggs

Minnehaha Academy High School

This season Jalen has grown into an unstoppable force that is a certified game changer on both ends of the floor. His leadership is always on display as well as his passion for the game, Jalen is a 3x champion and he is our MN POY.  


T.WILL Sports and the State of Minnesota is excited to see how Jalen continues to evolve as a player in his senior year.

2018 Minnesota Player of the Year

Tre Jones 

Apple Valley High School 

As a 3-time State Champion and a bag full of other national awards we are honored to present this year's POY to Tre for the second consecutive year. This year he holds the POY spot alone, a lock down defender with an incredible IQ for the game, Tre has dominated the competition. While filling some big shoes left behind by his brother, he managed to leave his own footprint in the Minnesota basketball history books.


Tre Jones is currently running the show at Duke University, leading a cast of 5-star freshmen to the nation's top ranking.  Tre continues to be a great leader and standout player even among the nation's best. 

2017 Minnesota Player of the Year

McKinley Wright IV

Champlin Park High School

The first ever MN POY recognition was awarded in 2017 and the award was given out to co-recipients; McKinley Wright IV (pictured left) and Tre Jones (above). 

McKinley did a lot of heavy lifting at Champlin Park, pushing them to the State Championship game, in back to back season. You name it he could do it; frustrating teams, opponents and coaches with his up-tempo playing style and the fact that he is fearless and willing to make any play, McKinley never missed a big moment to shine or never missed a loose ball to dive for. That type of passion is why he is our first ever Player of the Year (co-POY).


McKinley had an amazing year as the starting PG for University of Colorado.  He was All Conference in the Pac 12. 



Minnesota Basketball Player of the Year (POY) is awarded to the best high school basketball player in the state, regardless of class. The award was founded in 2017 with the objective of giving every player in the state of Minnesota the opportunity to be considered "the best", regardless of school, AAU program, or ethnicity.


The MN POY award is different than other top player awards because this award is given based on the following key performance metrics; basketball excellence, personal character and demonstrated leadership. Since its inception, the POY award has been represented by some of the nation's best basketball players, from the state of Minnesota.